Why ECMC? ECMCdemo With one of the most lean PCB manufacturing facilities in the United States, aggressive turnaround and pricing has been ECMC’s standard since 1992- the competition is still playing catch-up. Our commitment to our customers and constant improvements in service and quality has led to steady growth over the last two decades.

ECMC provides high-mix, quick-turn printed circuit board manufacturing solutions to a wide range of customers who demand the highest quality products. We pride ourselves on our ability to rapidly respond to the needs of our customers. When it comes to manufacturing a circuit board, it is critical to select the appropriate technology necessary to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. Our customers choose ECMC over and over again because of our superior quality and unmatched pricing.

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Quality You Can Believe In

When you entrust your PCB manufacturing to ECMC, you can be assured, the boards will be flawless. Our 23+ years of experience as a successful printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturer allows you to rest easy- we know what we are doing. All circuit boards are rigorously inspected and tested before they leave our facility. We understand reliability is everything to you, so we guarantee it! If your project is important – our PCB production experience is essential.

As a PCB manufacturer, we have over 23 years of experience, providing simple and full prototype printed circuit boards for thousands of businesses around the world. We manufacture full production printed circuit boards without minimums or contracts. This provides your company with more flexibility and options for your PCB fabrication requirements.

Exceptional Speed
Our customers choose ECMC when their circuit boards absolutely, positively, have to be delivered on time. ECMC’s quickturn capabilities serve niche electronics designers who need short runs of extremely high-end boards, mass market engineers who need very fast, highly reliable prototypes, and designers working on the next big thing. Our experience working with hundreds of unique PCBs means that we can help minimize the risks in prototyping and catch potential manufacturability issues before they affect your product.
Ultra Competitive Pricing
Many PCB manufacturers claim to have reasonable prices, but ECMC proves it every single day. Our facility size affords us the luxury of having extremely low overhead costs. These lower operational costs translates into more savings for our customers.  

Customer Service that Actually Serves
Perhaps one of the biggest differences between ECMC and other PCB suppliers is the level of dedication from the customer service team. At ECMC, each customer service representative has a personal stake to ensure your experience with ECMC is completely positive. From the time you request a quote until your order is delivered, you can count on ECMC’s customer service staff to monitor and advocate on your behalf.