Industries Served

Aerospace PCBs

The aerospace industry requires printed circuits with high reliability in extreme conditions, such as satellite PCBs that must perform in space or circuits on a commercial passenger jet.

ECMC provides PCBs that offer a wide range of materials, composites, and construction that are very effective in the aerospace industry.

High temperature laminates, copper and aluminum substrates can perform very well in these challenging environments.

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Computer & Business PCBs

Printed circuit boards for the Computer and Business electronics industry is a growing area in the ECMC facility. ECMC produces up to 16 layer boards, many of which have fine lines and spacing as small as .005”. Our inner layer imaging equipment has the capability of imaging .005” line and space. Controlled impedance, buried and blind vias, are all part of the technology used in today’s business electronics. Newer designs are utilizing thermally conductive materials, bonded to aluminum, copper or brass, to dissipate the heat generated by the newest processors or high intensity LED’s.

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Industrial Grade PCBs

Industrial electronics has long been one of ECMC’s core business sectors. Whether it’s the most basic single sided CEM-1 (CEM1) printed circuit board, thermal material bonded to aluminum, copper or brass, a fine line multi-layer board (4 to 20 layers) with controlled impedance with blind and buried via connections, or a heavy copper (up to 20 oz.) board for high voltage applications, ECMC can help you with your industrial circuit board requirements.

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Automotive PCBs

PCBs for the Automotive industry require high reliability, long life service, at a highly competitive rate. The sector consists of passenger vehicles, trucks, trailers, sub assemblies, and dealer support systems.

ECMC provides printed circuit boards that offer a wide range of materials, composites, and construction, that perform well in the rigors of the automotive world. High Temperature laminates, copper and aluminum substrates perform very well in harsh automotive applications.  

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The LED industry utilizes breakthrough technology opening a vast array of new products that didn’t exist just a few years ago; technology that is managed by LED printed circuit boards. The majority of LED PCBs we produce include some form of Aluminum PCBs.

The advent has caused disruptive change in the traditional lighting industry. The efficiency gained in LED technology cannot be ignored and will continue to propel lower cost, longer life, and endless creativity.

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Maritime PCBs

High reliability and long term service applications are critical in maritime applications, such as RF module PCBs. ECMC builds integrity in our products with DFM and AOI as a basic platform.

Direct current electro thermal interactions are minimized with low Dielectric constant pre pregs combined with copper/ copper and copper/ aluminum substrates.

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Medical PCBs

The medical field requires a vast level of technology with extreme reliability and long term life cycles. The medical sector consists of hospitals, doctor’s offices, dental facilities, special care facilities, ambulance services, and fire and rescue. We produce custom boards, such as Ultrasound PCBs, that ensure your medical equipment work flawlessly.

High speed laminates, copper and aluminum substrates, ceramics, and extensive coating options give the medical device manufacturer maximum latitude. Precise lot control is a strength within the ECMC facility. High levels of cleanliness are paramount in the industry and are a key focus at ECMC.

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Military & Defense PCBs

Military Grade PCBs require high reliability with long service times under extreme conditions. We produce military PCBs for aviation, ground activities, defense, naval applications, and space weapons. ECMC provides printed circuit boards that offer a wide range of materials, composites, and construction, that are very effective in military applications.

High temperature laminates, copper and aluminum substrates can perform very well in these challenging environments. Anodized aluminum can be utilized to eliminate the effects heat induced oxidation. Aluminum substrates combined with thermally conductive pre-pregs gives the military designer performance with weight advantages. ECMC is ITAR registered and offers solutions to ever changing military demands.

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Telecom PCBs

The telecom industry requires a very wide range of PCBs, driving devices in stable office environments to extreme outdoor weather and temperature conditions. The telecom sector consists of land wired communication systems, wireless systems, Mass storage systems, digital and analog broadcasting systems, cell phone tower systems, and mobile communication systems.

ECMC provides printed circuit boards that provide a wide range of materials, copper weights, Dk levels, and thermal properties for the ever changing telecom market.